Guitar Refinery

Learning the guitar is a journey that never really ends. It's a constant challenge for beginners and virtuosos alike as their is always a technique we could polish, knowledge we could gain or a style of playing we haven't tried yet. The aim here is to provide a place for you to refine your skills and knowledge no matter where you are on your journey, or what it is you are looking to improve. 

Unlike a traditional guitar course that takes you through playing step by step, this is a collection of video tutorials and resources covering a wealth of information that you can dip in and out of whenever you need it. So if you are looking at a song with a particular techinique, a chord that you don’t know or some theory that you are unsure of, you can come here, look up the relevant topic and find reliable information on that particular skill or bit of knowledge that you want to refine. ​


Ever Expanding

Guitar Refinery contains hours of tutorials and resources with materials added every week to create a vast database of resources that you can access at anytime.




Get straight to the knowledge and skills you are interested in and progress and practice at your own pace.

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All materials written and presented by a qualified and experienced tutor with a one week free trial to ensure that it is right for you. 

Electric Guitar


Costing £10 per month with a one week free trial.